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Researchers, politics and city official from Central and Western Europe will came to Warsaw to exchange ideas, share experience and find solutions together for the adaptation to climate change in European cities in the future. Two days conference is open for all professionals and city officials engaged in preparing climate adaptation solutions for their homelands.

The conference is organized by: The City of Warsaw, Foundation Institute for Sustainable Development, The Union of Polish Metropolises (UMP), Verband Region Stuttgart.

Place and date: 18-19th September 2018 in Warsaw, Hotel Sobieski.

Main topics of the conference:

  • Climate change and city adaptation in Polish cities
  • Climate Prediction: Modeling and Detection of Recent and Future Climate Change in cities
  • Climate Change impacts on biodiversity conservation and natural resource management in cities
  • Renewable Energy and Climate Change in cities
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development in cities
  • Urbanization and flooding and hit waves
  • Climate risk management, communication and public awareness

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century and also referred s Global warming due to the rising of atmospheric temperature in the earth. Urban areas in Europe and worldwide are increasingly experiencing the pressures arising from climate change and are projected to face aggravated climate-related impacts in the future. Cities and towns play a significant role in adaptation to climate change.

Warsaw and other cities in Poland are preparing plans and adaptation action plans and strategies to the climate change. During the conference Polish and Central and Western European cities will share their experiences and present innovative ideas on city adaptation on climate change in the future.

The conference will gather leading ecologists, scientists, researchers and city authorities around the Europe who are active at the frontiers of this diverse and multidisciplinary field of adaptation to climate change (nature, society and economy).

Dr Wojciech Szymalski president of the Institute for Sustainable Development said: “In view of the great challenges facing the cities of the future, it is extremely important that we work together to find the best solutions in climate adaptation field in Europe. During the conference we want to present and share the effort already made to prepare Europe for new climatic future. We will discuss the problems of climate change every city is facing now and will face in 20, 30 years. I hope we will find interesting ideas to follow in Polish and other European cities and towns. I would like to invite all professionals, official and researchers from all over Europe to participate in the conference and share their ideas”.

The conference will be the final action and will present the results of the Life Project ADAPTCITY – Preparation of a strategy for adaptation to climate change of the city of Warsaw with the use of city climate mapping and with public participation. (www.adaptcity.pl)

All presentations of the conference will be published in the conference abstract book with an associated ISBN.

Applications forms for participants and full agenda of the conference is here.

Participation fee and payment: admission is free of charge. The organisers do not cover the costs of transfers and accommodation for participants. 

Registration to conference Conference Agenda

Address of the conference: Hotel Sobieski in Warsaw, Poland. The conference starts at 11.00 on 18 th September.

Event is co-financed by European Commission LIFE+ Programme and Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.